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Welcome to Difudicia Furniture & Interior Decoration Limited

We manufacture and sell pure tropical wooden doors made from locally sourced material consisting of Abora, Cydar and Walnut woods. 

We offer quality products that gives our customer value for their money. Our woods are treated to suit any climate.
 They are modern friendly and stylishly made to suit your need. Our products are proudly made in nigeria using 100% tropical hardwood.
This comes with a warranty. We offer after sales customer service within nigeria


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Elegant & Functional

Our doors are made to create lasting impressions whilst being functional. Choose from a range of materials, styles and sizes to beautify your home.


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Only high quality tropical wood and finishes are used. The timber is well kiln dried, treated to give high quality finished door.


Welcome to JSN One

Our Products


Panel Doors

Glazed Doors

Flush Doors

Security Doors

Customized Doors (on Demand)



No 15 Ewere St. Km 20,

Benin-warri Expressway,

Iyanomo Benin City, Edo State.

Lagos Office:

10, Ayanboye Street,

Off Bush Street, Anthony, Lagos.

Abuja Office:

C11 Benzima Plaza, Aguyi Irosi Street,

Maitama, Abuja.


Keep In Touch


We are a global manufacturer of world class ERAN(®) doors for homes, offices, hotels, royal palaces, presidential lodge, honeymoon suites and luxury villas. Difudicia uses a variety of innovative techniques blended with exclusive designs to build premium quality products.

Address: Km 20, Benin-Warri Expressway, Iyanomo Benin City, Edo State.

Phone: +1 (0) 234 08091118470

Customer Careline: 080113150000, 07011880080

Sales: sales@difudiciafurniture.com

Equiry: info@difudiciafurniture.com


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